ARIN6902: More support rolls in for 6Music

Since my last post, the second public protest to save 6Music took place in Central London yesterday, and was reported on Twitter, Facebook, and by The Independent.

Hundreds attended from all over the UK and were treated to performances by The Magic Numbers and other bands. Again, many of the station’s identities took to the stage to give heartfelt speeches. Presenters from The Asian Network, another BBC radio station threatened with closure as part of the review, also took to the stage to remind the BBC Trust that the BBC exists to serve all communities.

BBC6Music protest 22 May

BBC6 Music protest, 22 May.


Additionally, economist Will Page at PRS for Music has found that 6Music played three times as many unique songs compared to the average for UK radio, and also paid four times as many individual songwriters.

The research also found there were a total of 750 songwriters paid by6Music for radio royalties that were not paid by any other station.

“From a songwriter’s perspective, it is important to note that 6Music is currently the difference between nothing and something for many of them,” notes Page.

So, definitive economic proof that BBC6 Music is more supportive of a wider group of musicians than other stations.


PRS report:

Information on the 22 May protest:


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